Class B Autoclave 17 and 22 litres

Because sterilization is not an option, Trident offers you the new SOLE, the class B autoclave developed for your safety.

SOLE is a Class B autoclave with a simple and elegant design. Easy to operate and highly efficient, with a modern automatic opening door system and adaptable software®exclusively designed for Trident.

  • Depending on the characteristics of the load to be sterilised, SOLE offers 12 different sterilisation cycles to choose from, including the class B cycles and two programmable, customisable cycles compliant with the minimum regulatory standards in force in terms of the type of vacuum, exposure time and drying time.
  • SOLE has 3 testing and validation cycles: vacuum test, helix test and B&D test.
  • The rapid cycle sterilises appropriately packed hollow and porous materials in just 28 minutes.

Why is sterilization necessary?

Dentistry professionals and their patients are exposed to a wide variety of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, prions) that can cause contagious infectious diseases, mainly as a result of the use of sharp or cutting instruments and permanent contact with potentially contaminated body fluids. In addition, both clinic staff and patients may be carriers of pathogenic microorganisms, so a variety of methods and protective measures must be adopted in order to prevent cross infection.

One of the procedures contemplated in the standards regarding Biosafety in Dentistrywith a view to cutting the risk of contagious infectious diseases being transmitted through blood and other oral secretions is the elimination of microorganisms from the inanimate objects destined for patient care. This process is known as Sterilisation, and one of the main ways it is carried out is by means of humid heat sterilisation in an autoclave.

With regard to autoclave sterilisation, the most important parameters to take into consideration are time, temperature, pressure and steam quality. If the steam is not dry saturated, i.e. entirely free of water, the risk is that the sterilisation process may be carried out at high temperatures, but using steam that contains very little heat energy. Only saturated steam is able to guarantee the transmission of sufficient heat energy to guarantee proper, efficient sterilisation.

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