Trident introduces the most advanced CBCT – Cone Beam Computed Tomography – technology for the acquisition of volumetric images of the dental arch. The CBCT system opens the door to a wider range of professional options, offering support for carrying out operations in the fields of Implantology, General and Maxillofacial Surgery, Periodontology, TMJ and Endodontics.

New geometrical calibration
New post-process for 2D PAN Images obtained with the 3D sensor

Same sensor for 2D and 3D images

An efficent two-in-one solution to obtain 13 x 30 cm 2D PAN images and 8.5 x 8.5 cm volume images in just 10 seconds

7-inch colour touchscreen

The ideal size of the display allows users to easily read the anatomic icons that guide them rapidly and intuitively through the menu.

DC Generator

X-VIEW avoids the emission of unnecessary radiation by using a high-frequency “pulse mode” generator that guarantees a perfect balance between the image quality required and the amount of radiation emitted.

X-View 3d Pan Ceph